For over a decade, Rennen International has been one of the world’s leading international distributers for automotive aftermarket wheels. Rennen International has been strategically positioned to become an international powerhouse for wheel manufacturing, distribution and design. The company prides itself in always being able to “reinvent the wheel” and for always staying a step ahead of the competition. For two consecutive years 2009 and 2010, Rennen International has been honored and recognized by the INC 500, as being one of the top 500 top fastest growing companies in the US and awarded membership to it’s very elite and exclusive club. Members of this club include the likes of such companies as Google, Zappo’s and Facebook. From an artistic creation and engineering, to production and sales, we our 100% behind each step in the process. We ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. With bi-coastal manufacturing and distribution locations in New York & Los Angeles, Rennen can efficiently manufacture and distribute product in the fastest turnaround times know in the industry. Rennen International provides products that tap into virtually every single market segment:

  • DONZ WHEELZ Forged Series  – The epitome of luxury alloy multi-piece wheels : handcrafted in the USA, using forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy,  built to order and custom tailored for each specific vehicle.
  • DONZ WHEELZ Pro Series – Luxury, one piece alloy, staggered wheels available in different finishes with stainless steel lips, for the look and feel of a HIGH END wheel.
  • RENNEN Forged – Lightweight one piece AND  multi-piece forged,  performance wheels.  Modern and up to the minute styling for the extreme enthusiast– wheel designs with special attention to very  fine details…  perfect balance between performance and aggressive styling.
  • RENNEN Blue Label – Premium, cast one piece, performance alloys for  all  luxury sedans or SUVs.
  • Rennen CSL, CRL – CSL introduced removable stainless steel lips that can be changed into different colors. CRL are light weight cast wheels inspired by Rennen’s well known forged designs.
  • ESTRELLA  Luxury Alloys – Luxury,  one piece cast,  chrome and black wheels.
  • ONYX Offroad and Forged Offroad – are made for the true offroad enthusiast. Built strong and built to last. All Onyx Forged wheels are made in the USA and manufactured in house.
  • ONYX Luxury Collection – Our newest wheel line… “Blacked-Out”, luxury,  one piece cast wheels with black wheels as one of the main styling elements to the line, with the same wheel styles  also available in Chrome.  Being  introduced for 2011,  Black Chrome Finish!
  • ZEN RACING WHEELS – Lightweight, one piece cast, aftermarket wheels for your sport compact luxury car or sedan.
  • PRIVATE LABEL wheel manufacturing. Rennen™ International, has become known as and is widely regarded as “the one-stop shop”  for every clients wheel needs, from custom manufacturing, forged,  “one-off “, custom sets  to  mass production of some of the latest and greatest,  cast wheels the industry has to offer. Rennen International is a company that fully understands all spectrums of the wheel market and the reason we constantly strive to meet the demands of each and every end-consumer, always exceeding their expectations of our products and services.